The Gran Skins Co. History

The House was established in 1986.

Handmade stitching on vegetal tanned leathers, belt polishing, metallic rails on wood, sharpening blades on leather to process gentle patina, spreading wax to give a worn shine.

All those processes created the perfect scenery for the first handmade products in our workshop located in Thessaloniki Northern Greece back in 1986.



Skilled craftsmen work on studied traditional and modern patterns, custom made orders, processing leather using high-end machinery, creating with handmade methods our unique products. The company guided by high ethics is audited by international health and safety standards.

The highly skilled design department combines leathers harmoniously with equipment, engravings, matured aspects, washings and oxidation of metals in such a way that an exquisite result is achieved on our handcrafts that proves the brand’s   high aesthetics.


The Rational Behind The Gran Skins Co.

Retail customers grew accustomed to changes and short trend cycles demanding extensive variety of fashionable products outside the typical seasonable fashion cycle.

In addition, consumers are appreciating more and more the “Made in Europe” origin and its implicit of  higher quality standards, assuming ethical sourcing procedures, respect for environmental issues and, last but not least, jobs in the apparel industry being contained within the European continent.

The Gran Skins Co. Brand represents a set of values, as well as a strong commitment to our partners in needs for quality, flexibility and on time delivery.